Steam Name: fetty

SteamID: Fetty_

BanID: 85283

Ban Reason
FearRP (Last Chance) | Extended by Daniel

Staff Member: Daniel

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Why should you be unbanned?
i was under gunpoint i know i pres to revers de car on accident and  then i start lagging because pink remove the car pink dint say anything  to me and band me for 2 days so i start wondering why and then   friends told me that i broke feurp  but  my game is  freezing on feurless almost every secc so i realy dint know what i was doing wrong i sad the police officer say get out and then i pres reviers on accident  and pink  despawn de car  and not even telling  what i was doing wrong  just straight up  got in noclip/ tp some where to ban me

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