Chun Li (with Short Movie)
[Image: AS1jB67.png]

Chun Li
Height: 5ft 8
Age: 32
Birthplace: Wuhan, China
Profession: Chinese Chef and Entrepreneur. 
Mr Chun Li is a confusing man with a complicated background. Once a man with a negative social credit, Chun is now popular in the Asian community of Evoside. After escaping from his miserable life in China, Chun Li finds a new purpose in the big country of USA. Chun loves meeting new people, and is especially excited when that person leaves a huge tip in his semi-successful Noodle Store, 'Fuk Ru'. Chun is often subject to abuse, especially because of his heritage, and can become extremely defensive when he or his loved ones are offended.

Watch the below film to find out more about Chun Li.

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