Hello ekepe,

Firstly, I would just like to apologise for how long it has taken to analyse and conclude the situation described in this AA. I can confirm I have now analysed all the logs of the specified event and made an appropriate conclusion of the situation.

It is clear here that you attempted to disrupt Jessixa's RP multiple times, and whilst she attempted to keep the situation IC (In Character), you took it too far and threw a molotov in the shop - hence the 24 hour suspension here. She told you this at the time before the ban was issued.

[1606161908,"[FL] Jessixa","STEAM_0:1:213870987","","","say",".\/\/ you weren\\'t even roleplaying, you just came and being a minge , have no intention to roleplay","","",""]

You also pulled out a baseball bat before throwing a Molotov in the store.
[1606161811,"ekepe","STEAM_0:1:104567539","","","command","inventory","cityrp_baseballbat use 1","",""]
[1606161811,"ekepe","STEAM_0:1:104567539","","","say","\/me takes out a Baseball Bat from their backup.","","",""]
[1606161812,"ekepe","STEAM_0:1:104567539","","","command","me","takes out a Baseball Bat from their backup.","",""]

With regards to your comments about her calling you a Trump supporter, this is not against the rules and was also an In Character comment.
[1606161787,"[FL] Jessixa","STEAM_0:1:213870987","","","say","sorry miss, we clearly have trump supporters around","","",""]

To conclude, there is no abuse noted from Jessixa and it was clear that you were trying to disrupt a passive RP, hence the use of admin tools to move you away from the situation.

[Closing Notes]

- No Abuse Noted
- Jessixa issued the correct punishment for the user in question
- Thread Closed & Moved to Closed
- User Issued with a Warning for Posting an Invalid Abuse Case

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