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    Thread: Favorite animal
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Gotta be Justin Gaethje for me
-DanTheMan- Off-Topic 28 2,269 05-07-2023, 11:32 PM
    Thread: What happened to the server?
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FL FiveM would be class ngl
-DanTheMan- Archive 85 8,652 10-03-2022, 12:19 AM
    Thread: Say a nice thing about the person above you.
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Would make a great secondary school teacher
-DanTheMan- Off-Topic 4,172 437,835 10-03-2022, 12:17 AM
    Thread: serious fl discussion ideas
Post: RE: serious fl discussion ideas Naughty boys in nasty schools Headmaster's breaking all the rules Having fun and playing fools Smashing up the woodwork too...
-DanTheMan- Archive 144 14,373 09-27-2022, 11:35 PM
    Thread: Spelling Bee Competition
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IC Name - Dan Morello Steam Name - Dan Why do you want to take participate? - because jhayw is
-DanTheMan- Old Events 12 1,029 09-15-2022, 07:15 PM
    Thread: [FINISHED] Resistance Bunker
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Template IC Name - Dan Morello Age: 19 Role you are apply for: Resistance Leader OOC Name: Dan
-DanTheMan- Old Events 15 1,071 09-14-2022, 09:20 PM
    Thread: EvoCity MasterChef
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I love food
-DanTheMan- Old Events 6 567 09-13-2022, 12:07 PM
    Thread: [CONCLUDED] EvoCity Correctional Facility
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!Changing what i'm applying for! IC: Role you are applying for - prisoner Name  Dan Morello Age: 19 About your character: Dropped out of school to become a ''tiktok influencer'' but after 3 y...
-DanTheMan- Old Events 25 1,650 09-12-2022, 07:26 PM
    Thread: The Morello Family
Post: RE: The Morello Family

NEMxDman Wrote: (09-10-2022, 02:17 PM) -- The Morello Family Intro -- Would be 10/10 if the best member was there. You know the tall funny Irish guy tha...
-DanTheMan- Organisations 41 5,081 09-10-2022, 06:05 PM
    Thread: Dynasty Empire
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IC Name - Dan Morello Age - 19 Which Dynasty are you applying for - Cheng Which role are you applying? - Scholar OOC Steamname - Dan
-DanTheMan- Old Events 8 750 08-08-2022, 01:19 PM
    Thread: Bullet Train
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Haarek Wrote: (08-06-2022, 08:02 PM) -- Not on Netflix -- Thank you for telling me this Haarek
-DanTheMan- Archive 2 902 08-06-2022, 11:09 PM
    Thread: The Romero Castillo Show II Again
Post: RE: The Romero Castillo Show II

Application Steam Name - Dan Discord Tag - Dan.#4854 IC Name - Dan Morello Description - not here to leak his sex tape and pull a Kim K. Role:Celebrity
-DanTheMan- Old Events 12 2,146 08-06-2022, 07:16 PM
    Thread: Bullet Train
Post: Bullet Train

Just seen bullet train, very weird movie. It has about 58 plot twists and it is really gory. I would rate it a 7/10 because the plot becomes predictable after a while
-DanTheMan- Archive 2 902 08-06-2022, 07:01 PM
    Thread: Pepper spray for police
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+Support Realistically, should blind the person being sprayed similiarly to how the blindfold works and slows them
-DanTheMan- Approved 13 1,656 08-04-2022, 09:45 PM
    Thread: Summer Festival
Post: RE: Summer Festival

IC Name: Dan Morello Role you are applying for: DJ Brief Description of your character:Member of The Morello Family, fond of the pints OOC Steamname: Dan Discord: Dan.#4854
-DanTheMan- Old Events 12 1,232 08-01-2022, 01:37 AM
    Thread: What's Schmackin Fellas
Post: RE: What's Schmackin Fellas

-DanTheMan- Archive 8 1,450 08-01-2022, 01:29 AM
    Thread: Arrest batton rework
Post: RE: Arrest batton rework

-DanTheMan- Suggestions 9 1,108 08-01-2022, 01:24 AM
    Thread: Buff Contraband
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+support As panda and glory said, it would need to be high risk high reward, maybe some sort of indication when you are selling your counterfeit cash to the tradesman? e.g your character carries a ...
-DanTheMan- Approved 10 977 07-28-2022, 02:22 PM
    Thread: Fix OOC >:(
Post: RE: Fix OOC >:(

-DanTheMan- Fixed/Closed 7 1,843 07-24-2022, 11:34 PM
    Thread: My Time is until Here
Post: RE: My Time is until Here

gg ez
-DanTheMan- Archive 29 3,616 07-23-2022, 02:55 PM
    Thread: Access restricted
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Happens excessively with the BMW X5 aswell.
-DanTheMan- Fixed/Closed 4 712 07-19-2022, 01:34 PM
    Thread: New trading discord
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It’s like a win
-DanTheMan- Archive 12 1,341 07-19-2022, 11:41 AM
    Thread: New trading discord
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That’s a compliment
-DanTheMan- Archive 12 1,341 07-19-2022, 07:15 AM
    Thread: New trading discord
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Common Police Driver W.
-DanTheMan- Archive 12 1,341 07-18-2022, 09:17 PM
    Thread: [Closed] Jaguar XFR Special Escort & Tides Truck
Post: RE: Jaguar XFR Special Escort & Tides Truck

The curse of the tides truck carries on
-DanTheMan- Sold/Bought/Closed 5 1,189 07-16-2022, 06:33 PM
    Thread: Let us arrest Police/ERU
Post: RE: Let us arrest Police/ERU

+Support But if a corrupt cop is arrested, when their sentence is over will they return as a cop? Because if they are a civilian they can just change back to cop, which is basically the same as a d...
-DanTheMan- Suggestions 11 1,158 07-15-2022, 04:16 PM
    Thread: Allow President to fish
Post: RE: Allow President to fish

Yes, Of Course, +Support even,
-DanTheMan- Approved 10 1,199 07-15-2022, 01:30 AM

+Support Sometimes I can’t sleep because of that lakeside to slums in 1m 30s job.
-DanTheMan- Suggestions 5 708 07-13-2022, 10:07 AM
    Thread: Make government radio voice changer optional
Post: RE: Make government radio voice changer optional

+support Its bad enough when people keep talking over radio, but its 10x worse when there voice sounds like match commentary from the 1965 world cup
-DanTheMan- Suggestions 14 1,347 07-11-2022, 08:03 PM
    Thread: Death on Build Server
Post: RE: Death on Build Server

Oopsy doopsy
-DanTheMan- Fixed/Closed 3 503 07-11-2022, 02:06 PM
  Bug Thread: Death on Build Server
Post: Death on Build Server

Title of Bug: Death on Build Server Description:  You can die on the build server Evidence: Unknown Steps to reproduce: The only way it’d happened to me is through a prop or fall damage
-DanTheMan- Fixed/Closed 3 503 07-11-2022, 12:34 PM
    Thread: Add phone
Post: RE: Add phone

+/- Support If you cant toggle it then i would be against it because it would clog up the HUD
-DanTheMan- Declined 8 823 07-08-2022, 01:20 AM
    Thread: Add a banking addon
Post: RE: Add a banking addon

+Support Would be fun to have a wallet balance and a bank balance.
-DanTheMan- Declined 9 837 07-05-2022, 11:23 PM
  Lightbulb Thread: Drug Effects
Post: Drug Effects

Title of Suggestion: Drug Effects Description Consuming drugs will give the user short-term boosts, with a long-term side effect (similiar to withdrawal symptoms) e.g cocaine might give you more s...
-DanTheMan- Suggestions 8 831 06-29-2022, 01:58 PM
    Thread: Whats your mindset?
Post: RE: Whats your mindset?

NFTs am I right @Awestruck
-DanTheMan- Archive 14 1,669 06-09-2022, 11:09 PM
    Thread: Adios (for a while anyway)
Post: Adios (for a while anyway)

Hello All, gonna be leaving fearless(obviously). If I come back it will prob be July or august when my exams are over. I don’t really have time for FL atm due to study, and other shit. I’ve been pl...
-DanTheMan- Archive 6 922 04-08-2022, 04:35 PM
    Thread: The perfect first car?
Post: RE: The perfect first car?
-DanTheMan- Archive 17 1,378 04-07-2022, 08:34 PM
    Thread: FL New Owner
Post: RE: FL New Owner

Awestruck Wrote: (04-02-2022, 06:15 AM) -- ryan! Wrote: (04-02-2022, 03:09 AM) -- As an April fools joke, the admins should ban Ghostkiller. But instead of it being an April fools joke you guys just...
-DanTheMan- Archive 27 3,867 04-06-2022, 11:09 PM
    Thread: Let's make Fearless great again!
Post: RE: Let's make Fearless great again!

Do I smell an Election?
-DanTheMan- Archive 57 6,099 03-13-2022, 07:30 PM
    Thread: What’s your thoughts on the current situation of the server?
Post: RE: What’s your thoughts on the current situation ...

M0x Wrote: (03-09-2022, 02:23 AM) -- Well, there is a few issues: First and foremost: The map is odd, sorry. Just change it back to v2d :love:    :angel: A huge map like this, requires players. ...
-DanTheMan- Archive 291 25,578 03-12-2022, 01:12 PM
    Thread: Meth
Post: RE: Meth

+Support but only if it’s a different system to moonshine because as Pollux said moonshine is our version of meth.
-DanTheMan- Declined 11 933 03-10-2022, 10:59 PM
    Thread: A Phone
Post: RE: A Phone

-DanTheMan- Declined 11 1,104 03-10-2022, 10:57 PM
    Thread: United States of America - Third World Country
Post: RE: United States of America - Third World Country

TonyTwoToes Wrote: (03-06-2022, 09:20 PM) -- At least we’re better than you smelly, tooth-gapped, alcoholic, degenerate Brits -- I have a theory that you might be American
-DanTheMan- Archive 18 2,665 03-06-2022, 09:40 PM
    Thread: SCP Foundation
Post: RE: SCP Foundation

Application for Foundation Staff IC Name: Dan Morello Role you are applying for:05 Council Member Brief Description of your character: Professional , Stern  OOC Steamname: Dan Discord:-Dan...
-DanTheMan- Old Events 20 3,331 03-06-2022, 09:16 PM
    Thread: Cate
Post: RE: Cate

-DanTheMan- Approved 2 451 03-05-2022, 12:33 AM
    Thread: Caesar to Admin
Post: RE: Caesar to Admin

-DanTheMan- Archive 10 1,907 03-04-2022, 08:14 PM
    Thread: Presidential base salary
Post: RE: Presidential base salary

Conn Wrote: (01-27-2022, 02:25 PM) -- +support Job should be overhauled to add more features too -- +support
-DanTheMan- Finished 17 1,984 03-03-2022, 01:52 PM
    Thread: Changes to the definition of public crimes
Post: RE: Changes to the definition of public crimes

+support Maybe to help decipher the non-crime in public and the crime in public zones there could be a little indicator at the top of your screen, something like Non-crime in public zone
-DanTheMan- Finished 15 1,870 03-03-2022, 01:48 PM
    Thread: Organisation Box
Post: RE: Organisation Box

+\- Support I do think it’s a good concept but at the same time can you not just go up to someone and give it to them
-DanTheMan- Declined 8 1,210 03-03-2022, 01:46 PM
    Thread: What is your favourite warship?
Post: RE: What is your favourite warship?

Irish Fishermen
-DanTheMan- Archive 5 1,054 02-17-2022, 04:30 PM