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    Thread: The Morello Family
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We are happy to welcome Pablo Cortèz Morello as a Trial Member! 
LikeSimon Organisations 41 3,785 02-05-2023, 08:04 PM
    Thread: please
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LikeSimon Archive 23 1,969 10-31-2022, 08:33 PM
    Thread: EvoCity MasterChef
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Thanks to everyone who participated, the event is over, here are some screenshots from it.
LikeSimon Old Events 6 320 09-17-2022, 08:11 PM
    Thread: EvoCity MasterChef
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Equinox Wrote: (09-15-2022, 04:29 PM) -- IC: Name: Tien Tien Age: 19 About your character: Loves seafood, has a taste for good wine Why you think you're good enough to participate: I was born in ...
LikeSimon Old Events 6 320 09-15-2022, 10:57 PM
    Thread: [FINISHED] Resistance Bunker
Post: RE: Resistance Bunker

IC Name: John Morello Age: 20 Role you are applying for: Civillian OOC Name: [FL:RP]LikeSimon
LikeSimon Old Events 15 563 09-15-2022, 02:33 PM
  Its My Birthday! Thread: EvoCity MasterChef
Post: EvoCity MasterChef

[hide] Date: 09/17/2022 Time: 07:00 PM Banner: Description: 6 candidates will have to make a dish made out of props, the one with the most creative and best present...
LikeSimon Old Events 6 320 09-12-2022, 09:30 PM
    Thread: [CONCLUDED] EvoCity Correctional Facility
Post: RE: EvoCity Correctional Facility

IC: Role you are applying for: Security Guard Name: Barry Seal Age: 35 About your character: Barry is an old security guard from Guantanamo Bay, he got fired there bcs he was abusing prisoners, bu...
LikeSimon Old Events 25 934 09-12-2022, 03:21 PM
    Thread: My Time is until Here
Post: RE: My Time is until Here

Thank you for helping with all the events we have done, I wish you the best of luck, take care!
LikeSimon Archive 29 1,993 07-23-2022, 03:05 PM
    Thread: Touching Grass
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Damn didn't expect this one, take care Pat!
LikeSimon Goodbye 19 3,135 07-05-2022, 07:56 AM
    Thread: Roosevelt High
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Was a great event!! Thanks for hosting Jessixa, you can reserve the spot of lunch lady again for me next time!! Sadly I was fired at the end (It was not me who trew the kids in the pool it was the PE ...
LikeSimon Old Events 20 1,814 05-03-2022, 04:58 PM
    Thread: Caesar to Clan Officer
Post: RE: Caesar to Clan Officer

Congrats Ceasar!!
LikeSimon Archive 10 1,204 04-25-2022, 06:53 PM
    Thread: Fearless Organisation Events
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Sounds awesome, The Morello Family will be participating in a lot of those events!!
LikeSimon Archive 26 3,841 04-21-2022, 10:06 PM
    Thread: My Time is until Here
Post: RE: My Time is until Here

Take care Rangar, you will be missed man!
LikeSimon Archive 17 1,566 04-18-2022, 03:40 PM
    Thread: Flea Market
Post: RE: Flea Markte

IC Name: John Morello Role you are applying for: Chef Brief Description of your character: A 21 year old Italian chef who is multi cultural. OOC Steamname: [FL:RP] LikeSimon Discord: Simon.C#514...
LikeSimon Old Events 35 3,427 04-13-2022, 09:10 PM
    Thread: My Time is until Here
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Take care Violet, you will be missed!
LikeSimon Archive 26 3,081 04-12-2022, 05:55 PM
    Thread: Adios (for a while anyway)
Post: RE: Adios (for a while anyway)

Take care Dan, you will be missed!!
LikeSimon Goodbye 6 604 04-08-2022, 04:54 PM
    Thread: The Croissants Return
Post: RE: The Croissants Return

Welcome back Jakey!
LikeSimon Returning 13 959 04-04-2022, 03:13 PM
    Thread: Welcome back
Post: RE: Welcome back

Welcome back!
LikeSimon Newcomers 8 1,127 04-04-2022, 01:30 PM
    Thread: Introduct
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Welcome to the community Monkey
LikeSimon Newcomers 10 863 03-30-2022, 02:10 PM
    Thread: [CONCLUDED] Slender Man Event
Post: RE: Slender Man Event

Damn looks amazing! I'll definitely attending the event. I'm already looking forward to it!
LikeSimon Old Events 10 1,200 03-29-2022, 10:56 PM
    Thread: Campsite RP (Mini Event)
Post: RE: Campsite RP (Mini Event)

The event was a lot of fun! I'm looking forward for more camping trips. Blue racoon for the win!!
LikeSimon Archive 3 865 03-29-2022, 03:17 PM
    Thread: Roast Night
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Applications Role: Security Guard IC Name: John Morello Steam Name: LikeSimon
LikeSimon Old Events 8 1,125 01-27-2022, 11:32 PM
    Thread: Mac
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He jumped out my car without me knowing. And like you could see in the video, you first shot my car until it kicked me out, than I was just standing on the street, with my gun on my back but you still...
LikeSimon Approved 7 735 01-23-2022, 12:20 PM
    Thread: Mac
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You could have taken me under fearrp, tied me up. Like rule 3.1a says "Violence should always be the last option."
LikeSimon Approved 7 735 01-22-2022, 10:45 PM
    Thread: Mac
Post: Mac

Reported User(s): Mac Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:116887885 Date & Time (GMT): 18/1/22 @ 20.50 GMT Summary of the incident I was driving around in industrial with NEMxDman, to look...
LikeSimon Approved 7 735 01-18-2022, 09:18 PM
  Heart Thread: The Morello Family
Post: Merry Christmas!

The Morello Family wishes you a merry christmas
LikeSimon Organisations 41 3,785 12-26-2021, 07:53 PM
  Heart Thread: Merry Christmas!!
Post: Merry Christmas!!

The Morello Family wishes you a merry christmas!!
LikeSimon Archive 0 465 12-26-2021, 03:38 PM
    Thread: SA to Management
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LikeSimon Archive 25 3,039 12-19-2021, 12:06 AM
    Thread: Resignation of Lewwings
Post: RE: Resignation of Lewwings

I wish you the best of luck in what ever you're going to do next. You will be missed!!
LikeSimon Archive 28 2,985 12-01-2021, 10:16 PM
    Thread: Metal Detector Access
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LikeSimon Approved 12 1,511 11-18-2021, 11:26 PM
    Thread: Milestones
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LikeSimon Declined 13 978 11-18-2021, 11:25 PM
    Thread: Weed progression system
Post: RE: Weed progression system

LikeSimon Approved 11 1,097 11-18-2021, 11:23 PM
    Thread: Tegridy Farms - Official Business - Open
Post: RE: Tegridy Farms - Official Business - Coming Soo...

Hell yeah, just what we needed some real tegridy!!
LikeSimon Archive 4 957 11-18-2021, 11:18 PM
    Thread: Babe (GmodRP Music Video)
Post: RE: Babe (GmodRP Music Video)

Loved the video, specially the squid game gossip!
LikeSimon Archive 4 740 11-16-2021, 01:01 AM
    Thread: Jim's Gym
Post: RE: Jim's Gym

Hell yeah time to bully people in the gym!
LikeSimon Archive 6 923 11-16-2021, 01:00 AM
    Thread: Underglow on vehicles
Post: RE: Underglow on vehicles

Haarek Wrote: (10-27-2021, 07:13 AM) -- This is not worth the performance issues. -- That's why it should be client-sided with the ability to turn it off
LikeSimon Approved 20 1,961 11-15-2021, 03:44 AM
    Thread: Randys Bar - Official Business - Main Page
Post: RE: Randys Bar - Official Business - Main Page

I love it! Goodjob Randy Give me 10 of the Honest John's Red!!
LikeSimon Roleplay 12 1,423 11-12-2021, 03:48 PM
    Thread: Gone To Explore Weird
Post: RE: Gone To Explore Weird

Noooooo!! I already miss you! Thank you for everything you did for Fearless
LikeSimon Goodbye 10 1,629 11-08-2021, 11:17 AM
    Thread: EAGLE out
Post: RE: EAGLE out

Sad day in FL history, take care roleplay god!
LikeSimon Goodbye 26 2,171 11-08-2021, 10:47 AM
    Thread: (FINISH) 2021 Emmy Award
Post: RE: (EVENT) 2021 Emmy Award

Very cool! Will definitely be there!
LikeSimon Old Events 22 3,119 11-07-2021, 02:21 AM
    Thread: The Morello Family
Post: RE: The Morello Family

I'm so proud & honoured to be the leader/boss of this great family!!
LikeSimon Organisations 41 3,785 11-06-2021, 11:05 PM
    Thread: Replace 2 Cars
Post: RE: Replace 2 Cars

+support Bentley I do really love how the current Bentley drives, but I fully agree on the looks of it! Rolls Royce Ghost The current RR Ghost is totally not worth the price tag, it doesn't lo...
LikeSimon Declined 14 948 10-25-2021, 09:04 PM
    Thread: Underglow on vehicles
Post: RE: Underglow on vehicles

LikeSimon Approved 20 1,961 10-25-2021, 02:59 PM
    Thread: Replace Range Rover
Post: RE: Replace Range Rover

+support. Replacing with a newer Range Rover model will also do the trick!!
LikeSimon Declined 19 1,149 10-25-2021, 01:53 PM
    Thread: Add the cigarette as an accessory
Post: RE: Add the cigarette as an accessory

+ support
LikeSimon Approved 26 2,230 10-08-2021, 08:12 PM
  Bug Thread: Suburban despawns
Post: Suburban despawns

Title of Bug: Suburban despawns Description:  If you spawn your suburban, and do the /sleep command followed by the /wakeup command it will despawn your car. (This also happends when you fall un...
LikeSimon Fixed/Closed 1 756 10-01-2021, 10:32 PM
    Thread: Farming at Connectivity
Post: RE: Farming at Connectivity

+Support I believe this was a bad decision, I feel like we are being forced to do aggressiveRP, which is not fun for everyone. It also kills a nice peaceful farming sport where players can interact wi...
LikeSimon Declined 21 1,938 09-29-2021, 11:58 AM
    Thread: Ilyushin Илью́шин Ил-7
Post: Ilyushin Илью́шин Ил-7

Reported User(s): Ilyushin Илью́шин Ил-7 Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61025599 Date & Time (GMT): 27/8/21 @ 21:30 GMT Summary of the incident So me and [FL:RP] NEMxDman were driving fr...
LikeSimon Approved 2 637 08-27-2021, 10:18 PM
    Thread: rora
Post: rora

Reported User(s): rora Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:72540513 Date & Time (GMT): 17/7/21 @ 22:15 GMT Summary of the incident I was just chilling at the Alessi base and me and my friends got RD...
LikeSimon Approved 3 759 07-16-2021, 10:31 PM