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xxx_jOsHZ_xxx - L Y N C H Y - 06-26-2022

Steam Name: xxx_jOsHZ_xxx

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57372971

BanID: 84170

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Conn

Involved users
Conn and Myself

Why should you be unbanned?
Hello all, I hope you're all doing well. It's taken me while to decided when and how I should write this unban request. However now I feel is a good time as I have taken the L on the chin and served three months of my punishment without any real question. I apologise to Conn, I was just angry and my head got the better of me causing me to cross the line. I'd like to ask for a second chance to play on the servers as a lot of old friends have returned. Once again, I'm deeply sorry to Conn for what was said and I hope you can take this into consideration when reviewing this UBR. Cheers, Josh.


RE: xxx_jOsHZ_xxx - Conn - 06-26-2022

Hi Josh,

This appeal is denied - you've been given chance after chance, and both me and the admin team been extremely patient in the past with your antics. FL does not need extremely toxic people poisoning the community, and I have absolutely no confidence that you have changed at all.