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My unban request. - walter - 01-10-2017

Im making a new unban request as i failed to read how to the first time.

Your name: Snoope

Ban ID: 75573

Steam ID: [url=javascript: setsearch('STEAM_0:1:79003725')]STEAM_0:1:79003725[/url]

Ban reason: Contrafarming as a Security Guard, Using heavy guns as a Citizen

Staff Member: [FL:M]Jonas

Reason i should be unbanned: Jonas said i was contrabanding as a Security guard but thats not true, I was spawned as a security guard working for the vice president before i switched to citizen to contraband. I did make the mistake to forget switching to Criminal before i used guns and contrabanded but i still dont think thats a good ban reason because there was another guy who wasnt banned and only got blacklisted. The guy who only got blacklisted was right beside me as i got banned and he is also a witness to that i didnt contraband as security guard.

the witness: The vice president and the blacklisted guy is thelegend69

RE: My unban request. - Jonas - 01-10-2017

Hello, i'll give my reply later, when i get on my computer, logs prove you are guilty.

RE: My unban request. - walter - 01-10-2017

(01-10-2017, 08:07 PM)Jonas Wrote: Hello, i'll give my reply later, when i get on my computer, logs prove you are guilty.
okay thanks. I dont see how the logs can prove that  since im 100% i respawned as citizen, I dont even think that you're able to spawn contra as security guard but i might be mistaken.

RE: My unban request. - Jonas - 01-11-2017

Hello there, Snoope.
First of, i'd like to show you this.
UBR Rules Wrote:4. Do not write an unban request if you know you've broken the rules.

And here is the logs.

Spoiler: Logs
v33x[18:12:39]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)Connected (UserID: 1226)
v33x[18:13:21]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)has spawned as Citizen
v33x[18:13:54]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: team 16.00
v33x[18:13:57]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)has spawned as Security Guard
v33x[18:45:31]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)has spawned as Security Guard
v33x[18:45:36]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory chrysler300c use 1
v33x[18:46:02]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: job Security guard
v33x[18:47:27]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Toolbox
v33x[18:47:27]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture toolbox
v33x[18:47:29]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory toolbox use 1
v33x[18:47:31]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory toolbox use 1
v33x[18:50:22]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory Minivan use 1
v33x[18:52:05]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: team 10.00
v33x[18:52:09]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)has spawned as Citizen
v33x[19:17:26]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Drug Lab
v33x[19:17:26]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture drug_lab
v33x[19:17:32]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Drug Lab
v33x[19:17:32]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture drug_lab
v33x[19:17:41]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Drug Lab
v33x[19:17:41]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture drug_lab
v33x[19:17:48]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Drug Lab
v33x[19:17:48]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture drug_lab
v33x[19:17:55]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Drug Lab
v33x[19:17:55]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture drug_lab
v33x[19:18:08]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Money Printer
v33x[19:18:08]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture money_printer
v33x[19:18:20]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)manufactured 1 Money Printer
v33x[19:18:20]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: manufacture money_printer
v33x[19:35:30]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)has spawned as Citizen
v33x[19:39:16]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)has used 1 ammo_rifle
v33x[19:39:16]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory ammo_rifle use 1
v33x[19:39:18]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory weapon_mad_galil use 1
v33x[19:39:20]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory weapon_mad_galil use 1
v33x[19:39:20]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)said: /me takes out a Galil ARM from their backup.
v33x[19:39:21]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: me takes out a Galil ARM from their backup.
v33x[19:52:09]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: inventory chrysler300c use 1
v33x[19:59:13]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: job Criminal
v33x[20:02:21]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)said: /holster
v33x[20:02:22]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: holster
v33x[20:02:27]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)said: /me holsters the weapon.
v33x[20:02:28]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)used command: me holsters the weapon.
v33x[20:04:35]Snoope(STEAM_0:1:79003725)Disconnected ( Visit http://www.fearlessrp.net for more information about your ban.)

Looking at the logs provided, i realised i made a mistake in the ban reason, thinking you where a Security guard when you farmed the contraband, but that does not change the fact that you Contrafarmed as a Citizen/a job that is not allowed to contrafarm.

Nonetheless, if the ban reason has "Citizen", instead of "Security Guard", it would not have changed much, other than the job you where when you contrafarmed.

And also, just because i blacklisted someone for 3 hours, instead of banning him for 1 day, does not mean you should of gotten a 3 hour blacklist aswell, you tried to lie to me about this situation, saying "i was a criminal the whole time", which you clearly where not, shown by logs, you where a Citizen with guns and contra for almost 20 minutes, and also you said "I have a disorder so i don't remember things", while you where laughing.

I see no reason as for lifting this ban, all i think should be done is the ban reason changed, but you broke the rules, by farming contraband, and using heavy weapons as a Citizen, again, all that should be done is just changing up the ban reason, in my opinion.

Awaiting reply from an Administrator,

RE: My unban request. - Spear - 01-11-2017

Hello Walter!

You did in fact use contrabands and rifles as a citizen and therefore your punishment was valid.