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RE: GCSE Results Day 2016!!! - Foxirius2205 - 08-25-2016

(08-25-2016, 06:42 PM)AwestruckBullet Wrote:
Spoiler :
[Image: 14063753_1253904457955852_18417570374004...e=584510E5]

That is how 1 ginger became an admon.

RE: GCSE Results Day 2016!!! - aviator - 08-26-2016

Congratulations everyone on exams results! Hopefully it's sufficient for the next stage of life - that's all GCSEs are really worth, unless you're planning on doing medicine or law at uni or whatever then they may come in handy.

I picked up AS results last week and I should comment, A-levels - they're pretty difficult, especially with the government's tampering (i.e. making them all linear); so none of us know what to expect in June 2017 Smile

Good luck.

RE: GCSE Results Day 2016!!! - Archer - 09-27-2016

I'm not even British but I can give you my TEOG(Temel Öğretimden Orta Öğretime Geçiş/Moving From Middle School To High Schol)Test results here in Turkey(I had this test last year):
Turkish History and Kemalism(Yes,it's a real subject):20/20
Religion and Spirituality:20/20
Turkish(Lit.and grammar combined):16/20
Science and Technology:19/20
I'm in the higher %20 Cheese