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Scruffy - Birdy6006 - 11-17-2022

Steam Name: Scruffy

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:63906960

BanID: 83756

Ban Reason
Double Accounting

Staff Member: SnowFlame

Involved users
Just me

Why should you be unbanned?

It's been a few years since I came to this site, I miss playing Fearless a lot although I wasn't particularly well behaved, made a few mistakes and definitely deserved a few years ban. I want to ask now if this ban can be revoked so I can try to join the community and enjoy this server without ruining it like I did when I was younger. I understand the rules mean I should stay banned permanently, but I have grown as a person and I really would like to help the server and be a part of it again and I hope you could think about it, I miss it a lot.

Thanks for reading,

RE: Scruffy - Pollux - 11-25-2022

Hey Scruffy,

Apologies for the delay in a response. While your initial ban reason wasn't anything severe, you have tried to DA a few times. You attempted to join on a different account the same day you made this UBR, which our automated DA system caught and therefore banned all related accounts. Could you explain why you tried to DA just before making this UBR?

RE: Scruffy - Birdy6006 - 11-27-2022

Hi Pollux,

Thanks for the response, I'm going to be completely honest with you, I had a spare account and I wanted to play fearless so I tried to join, I figured I had nothing to lose, I wasn't trying to do anything malicious, although I should have known better so I'm sorry for that. I completely understand if that's a reason to stay banned but I wanted to try this way just in case because I do think this is an amazing server and one day I would like to rejoin.


RE: Scruffy - Pollux - 11-27-2022

Hey Scruffy,

Considering the initial ban was minor (FearRP + D/C to avoid RP) and that we're also shutting down later today until our relaunch, we're happy to unban you.